• Time Inc.'s young guy-geared humor site, Officepirates.com, helmed by former Maximer Mark Golin, is slated to debut Feb. 22. Given the mag publishers track record with web ventures — Pathfinder, anyone? — we're sure the College Humor boys are terrified about the potential competition. [NYP]
• Who'd have thunk it: Cargo sells best with a hot chick on the cover. [WWD]
World News Tonight anchor Elizabeth Vargas announces she's pregnant and will deliver in late summer — this ensuring that by the eight-month mark of ABC's latest dual-anchor experiment, neither of the two anchors will be on air. [ABCNews.com]
• At least there's one winner in the recent cartoon-induced global crisis: Newsweek, who people now realize probably didn't singlehandedly incite riots with a poorly sourced sentence. [MW]