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Google won't let Americans watch a bomb video. Maybe it would reveal military secrets like "Iraqi bombs tend to go 'boom.'" [Google Video]
A tipster says, "When you delete a photo from your [Blogger] blog, it disappears from your blog. But it does not disappear from, and Google/Blogger says there is NO WAY WHATSOEVER to delete any photo you have ever uploaded that Blogger has stored there." Don't worry, your photo named "elephant_spank_inferno.jpg" is probably too obscure to show up.
Brilliant. A list of disallowed and allowed obscenities and watchwords for Yahoo user names. Rather petty, but a helpful resource for those of you whose biggest thrill this week will be registering "". [Kallahar's Place]
Robert Scoble's son Patrick says his friends think Robert's a porn star. Patrick says the idea of his dad going naked is scary. (Too late, Patrick.) [Mini Scobleizer] quiz: Which lines are from Guy Kawasaki's blog post "How to suck up to a blogger" and which are comment spams? []