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The US Weekly blog has the exclusive on the weekend marriage of Entourage's Kevin Dillon to his pregnant fiance Jane Stuart at a Vegas wedding chapel. Dillon sprang for the Elvis Hound Dog Special, a $349 package that included the musical stylings of his very own Elvis impersonator:

Several sources who witnessed the wedding tell Us the couple arrived at A Elvis Chapel shortly before 9:15 p.m. in a silver limousine with several friends, including Dillon's Entourage costar, Kevin Connolly. The couple recited their vows in front of two photographers, a minister and Elvis impersonator Kent Ripley, who sang three Elvis Presley songs. Connolly and one other couple also stood as witnesses during the 10-minute ceremony.

Entourage's writers, always at the ready to spin a real life scenario into scripted comedy gold, sent cameras over to capture the nuptials and quickly cooked up a B-plot for season 3: Dillon's character Johnny Drama, frustrated and depressed at having been cast in the Aquaman movie in the very supporting role of flipper-footed Aquasoldier #8, storms out on Vince and the gang, only to knock up a Vegas cocktail waitress and marry her in a misguided attempt at "growing up." Of course, hilarity ensues when Turtle pokes up from under the sheets of the couple's heart-shaped bed just as they are about to consummate, a sequence that had just about the entire cast and crew in stitches, with the possible exception of Dillon's visibly annoyed bride.