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There's really something magical about being cast on the Sopranos. Not only can it make your acting career (don't kid yourself into thinking you otherwise have chops, Sigler), but it can kickstart your real-life criminal calling. Lillo Brancato Jr., who played Matt Bevilaqua, was charged with murder; Robert Iler, who plays A.J. Soprano, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor larceny; Vincent Pastore, better known as Big Pussy, was arrested for beating his girlfriend; and Tony Sirico, who plays Paulie Walnuts, has 28 arrests to his name (all from before his thespian pursuits).

Now add to that illustrious list 42-year-old John Ventimiglia, who plays temperamental restaurateur Artie Bucco. Ventimiglia was arrested for drunk driving and cocaine possession yesterday around 1 A.M. after his Volkswagen Jetta was spotted weaving in and out of traffic near his Park Slope home. The actor blew a .12 (the legal limit is .08); authorities also found a zip-lock bag with coke residue in his back pocket. Ventimiglia was later arraigned on a whole slew of charges at Brooklyn Criminal Court.

What's bothersome about this is not that yet another Sopranos actor is in trouble (method acting, people). Nor is it that an actor was drunk and tweaked — that's to be expected. We're just disturbed by the Jetta. HBO? Really? We don't think so. Best to lock his ass up until he knows better than to drive an entry-level sedan.

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