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In this edition of the Stalker: Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey, Drew Barrymore, Anderson Cooper, Gwyneth Paltrow, Buck Henry, Gena Rowlands, Mike Nichols and Diane Sawyer, Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts, Julia Roberts and Marcia Gay Harden, Eva Longoria, Lenny Kravitz, Dustin Hoffman, Ralph Fiennes, Sarah Jessica Parker, Will Smith, Chloe Sevigny, Alec Baldwin and Kevin Reome, James Gandolfini, yet another Alexis Bledel and Milo Ventimiglia tiff (we're starting not to believe these, btw)...

...Samaire Armstrong, Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee, the Strokes, Flea, Anthony Kiedis, Gabriel Byrne, Aaron Eckhardt, Matt Dillon, Mo Rocca, Mario Cantone, Rocco DiSpirito, Common, Sarandon and Tim Robbins, Cillian Murphy, Steve Aoki, Gemma Ward, Sandra Oh, Marc Jacobs, Jon Stewart, Leelee Sobieski, Bradley Cooper, Ciara, Barbara Walters, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Chris Kline, Gennifer Goodwin, John Lucas, Michael Kors, Kate Winslet, Julianne Moore, Lucy Liu, Chris Rock, Helena Christiansen, Adam Yauch, Patrick Dempsey, Susan Lucci, Stephen Fry, Elizabeth Berkeley, Jerry O'Connell, Adam Duritz, Tom Cavanaugh, Vincent D'Onofrio, Jared and Shannon Leto, Kurt Russell, Hugh Grant, Paul Giamatti, Paul Simon, Kristin Chenoweth, Dylan Baker, John Leguizamo, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Ivanka Trump, Isaac Mizrahi, Joaquim Noah, Freddy Rodriguez, Mary Tyler Moore, Tony Danza, Kelly Ripa, and the man, the myth, the legend that is Mr. T.

Jessica Simpson walking back into her hotel after a night of NYC clubbing. 12:30am 59th and Columbus. She was nice, probably because she was a little tipsy. Her ex-husband was at TRL at 3:30 PM and then went across the street to Virgin records to do a signing at 4PM. Then I hear he did a hasty beat back to LA as he didn't want to run into her at their favorite hotel.

Saw Nick Lachey get out of a cab on 28th street and walk into Scores Saturday night around 10:45pm.

12th St and 9th ave on sat night where my friends reckoned Drew Barrymore was having dinner. As we stayed until it was only our party (a load of English and Irish drunks) and her party (six fit gay boys and Drew) we figured there must be a way we can talk to her and low and behold she goes for ciggie on her own. Being the shy Europeans we are we trail on out after her and do the whole please can we have a picture with you. Nicest person ever so bloody lovely but super super super tiny like a child almost!

Saw Anderson Cooper last night at Whole Foods at Columbus Circle at around 8 p.m. Made direct eye contact so I know it was him. I don't know what he bought but he directly followed down into the store. His suit was a navy blue with a subtle pinstripe made of beautiful gorgeous fabric, but he is much shorter and slimmer than I would have thought. What a striking man!

Lots of stars out last night (May 5). We were having an early dinner at Waverly Diner last night when Gwyneth Paltrow walked by looking like nobody I've ever seen a month after childbirth. Then, later, at Awake and Sing, we saw Buck Henry and Gena Rowlands (not together) and a canoodling Mike Nichols and Diane Sawyer (who were planning to meet up with Buck after the show) ...

Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts sitting outside Noho Star at 7pm Friday evening.

Saw Julia Roberts and friend Marcia Gay Harden (Mona Lisa Smile) walking out of the Capri on 55th between 2nd and 3rd today at 12 PM. Julia looked absolutely gorgeous. They both were carrying shopping bags and Marcia had her kids with her. They were about to get into a cab, but changed their minds and went to Dylan's.

Eva Longoria—5:15pm, 9th ave and 57th street: imagine a tiny, shrill Chihuahua screaming "CAN YOU TAKE THIS PLEASE" at some poor assistant while tossing her coffee back and storming ahead. She was wearing dark jeans, a lavender tank and a blazer of sorts. Looking very generic-ly LA and kind of over.

Just saw Lenny Kravitz at Da Salvino at 6:15pm. He looks amazing and every bit of rockstar that he is. Lenny are you gonna go my way??

Today, I finally had a Lindsay Lohan sighting. She was standing at 6th Ave and Minetta with two hipster civilian types. They were trying to hail a cab. She was wearing sunglasses, and a lavender outfit with pale leggings. She was very recognizable, and started to talk to strangers when she wasn't able to get a cab.

Dustin Hoffman walking alone in Columbus circle with headphones at 4:30.

I saw Ralph Fiennes brunching with a good-looking young blond woman at Bubby's in Tribeca this morning. They looked very cozy in the corner together. He even kissed her shoulder and she leaned forward to grab something off the table.

I finally gave in to all the fanfare and went to see the musical Jersey Boys Saturday night. It definitely exceeded all the hype. During intermission, I saw a super tiny Sarah Jessica Parker smoking while trying to avoid the other audience members outside the theater. I have to say, contrary to all the rumors, she definitely didn't look pregnant. She did look fabulous though—very Carrie Bradshawesq in her funky coat and Manolos.

Saw Will Smith at the Mandarin Oriental, arriving, at around 4 pm on Sunday. He had a shopping bag and a luggage bag with him. No big entourage or anything.

Saw Chloe Sevigny walking south on 3rd Avenue between 11th & 12th streets Saturday evening at 7:20 p.m. Her hair is really long.

Alec Baldwin and Big Love's Kevin Reome walking and talking on cells on sidewalk at 29 and 9th. Baldwin unshaven and abrupt. Reome waved at us like we were children. 11:30 pm Saturday may 6.

Tony Soprano might not take shit from anyone on the Sopranos, but James Gandolfini's kid was having a temper tantrum at a blacktop playground on Horatio and Hudson and he was just sitting back and taking it. Mandy Moore walked by us two blocks south on Hudson.

Saw Gilmore Girls' Alexis Bledel with boyfriend Milo Ventimiglia on Park Ave at E 69TH ST at around 12 noon. Alexis, who was walking a little white dog stopped when boyfriend Milo Ventimiglia nearly pushed her to the side rather hard which led her to fall the ground as he stormed off. When I went to ask Alexis if she was alright she was rather polite and sweet and let me pet her dog.

I saw Samaire Armstrong a.k.a. Anna from "The O.C." and Emily from "Entourage" at Sephora in Soho (555 Broadway at Prince Street). She was promoting her new movie, "Just My Luck." She was very friendly and sweet, not at all the diva her co-star Ms. Lohan would have been!!! She had on some funky/trendy clothes and vintage looking stilettos and was sporty some major hair extensions, she lucks so much hotter with short hair.

Russell Simmons and Kimora today at like 5 at Cipriani's downtown. They were talking to the manager and then they left.

Spotted the Strokes entering Pearl Jam's show at Irving Plaza on Friday night. Also saw Flea leaving the show about 30 minutes into it.

Sunday, 4pm-ish: Anthony Kiedis, in jeans and blue & grey striped shirt, walking up the Bowery, passed our humble film crew shooting host wraps for the ToxicPop podcast in front of the Bowery Poetry Club (Bowery between Houston and Bleeker). He's TEENSY TINY and still sporting that overgrown Prince Valiant look. He was with two normally-heighted people, and seemed intrigued that we were ignoring him. However, the saleswomen from Patricia Field's new store ran out of the doorway shouting, "We love you, Anthony." He's so small! Who knew he was that small?

Saw Gabriel Byrne on 19th and 6th Ave. around 6 p.m. He is way taller than expected, and also looks way older—salt & pepper hair. He wasn't doing much other than crossing the street looking cool.

Saw Aaron Eckhardt with his arms around a pretty blonde, her arm encircling his neck, on University Place & 10th Street. He looked hot, just scuffy enough, in that $250 highlight and $300 pair of jeans kinda way. They were both tall and good looking, all over each other. Presumably they were headed home to start a new master race.

Matt Dillon on the corner of 79th and Broadway having lunch with a male friend at Nice Matin. He was facing to the sidewalk and gesturing with gusto.

Humorist Mo Rocca browsing through DVDs in the basement of Barnes & Noble at Lincoln Center. Very polite and friendly, suggested a few titles to buy, was charming to my gf, who said he looks really good in person. A+ guy, the kind you wanna make friends with.

My girls and I were at La Esquina last night for Cinco De Mayo - Mario Cantone was at a huge table with what looked like mostly family (based on resemblances) and Rocco DiSpirito was also sitting with them, all celebrating someone's birthday. All night long, their posse got bigger, and they seemed to annex their neighboring table later on, which our waitress told us was occupied by the owners of some big vodka company.

I just saw Common @ 7th Ave in the diner "Dizzy's." He was so gracious and such a beautiful person. Anyway, he ordered granola and soy; and we exchanged a couple of comments about the artists on his tour.

Saw Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins at the Pearl Jam show at Irving Plaza last night. They were up in the balcony with Eddie Vedder's wife and baby daughter.

Saw the Scarecrow himself, Cilian Murphy, with a blond girl on 14th and 8th Ave. Much slighter than you'd expect in person...and tough to recognize bundled up in a blue wool sweater and black skinny jeans (in this weather?), but the cheekbones/eyes/lips were a dead give-away. I swear, his eyes glowed through his sunglasses... 1:30 pm

Steve Aoki! At the Metropolitan Opera! And it was Lohengrin! Or at least it really, really looked like him. I only doubted because, like, not exactly his home turf. With a brunette lady in her 30's, kind of rugged-looking. If it was him, he saw a really great performance. New and awesome Heldenteno = yay!

Hey I saw Gemma Ward today sitting by the cube on Astor Place. She was wearing ripped jean greenish faded shorts with a black long-sleeved top and the regular black and white converse and had a Marc Jacobs shopping bag. She was talking on her blackberry.

Waiting to be seated at Le Jardin on Cleveland, at 10 pm, the beautiful Sandra Oh. Much more demure than I thought she would be. She was with 3 other women, all in great need of the pomme frittes.

6 PM tonight, saw Marc Jacobs walking up Broadway towards Spring. Carrying a huge Marc Jacobs shopping bag with a sticker on the side of it that said "For: Marc Jacobs". He really ought to shower more.

I just saw Jon Stewart on the corner of Worth and Church, waiting to cross the street. He had some Dunkin' Donuts in his hand. He looked older than I expected.

Saw Leelee Sobieski at Butter on Monday night, around midnight. She was with a handful of short awkward looking dudes, whose shortness merely accentuated her height (she is much taller than expected). She could actually be pretty if she didn't have a perma-scowl on her face. It was one of the short dude's birthdays...

OH MY GOD! I saw the oh-so-heavenly Bradley Cooper on 47th and 8th Ave this evening, must've been pre-show. He is GORGEOUS. His eyes are amazing. As a jaded New Yorker I pride myself on the "I know you're famous, but I am ignoring you" look. There was no ignoring him, and I almost broke my neck as he passed by. GORGEOUS.

Ciara with her new lil' Bow Wow, a tiny 10-week-old Malti-Poo, shopping for pet accessories and apparel at the Trixie + Peanut Pet Boutique (21st + Broadway). She was with a friend and of course, a burly bodyguard!

Friday May 5th 2:30 pm...I saw Barbara Walters on 57th b/w 6th and 7th...she was talking on her hot pink Motorola Razor phone, pacing back and forth in front of a building...wearing an off-white/cream pants suit with hair pulled messily back...her voice is what caught my attention... she is very thin and petite.

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, at CVS pharmacy on the corner of 58th & 9th, wearing Versace jeans and workboots, asking directions from a cashier and, apparently, having his assistant pick up some Visine.

Had a late Sunday night dinner at Nobu last night. I was expecting a low key night but instead was seated next to two rowdy celeb tables. Chris Klein, Gennifer Goodwin and friends were in the window booth while Adam Levine and company were in the center of the room. They seemed to be trying to out do each other as to who was having more fun. Oh, and ps: Chris Klein looks strangely like wax statue but seemed super happy to be 2500 miles away from the newest Thetan.

Josh Lucas, making multiple circuitous trips from a back room to the main floor of Barney's with a small entourage at the "Poseidon" premiere bash (Saturday night/Sunday morning, May 6/7, 12am). Say what you will about him, the guy's got incredible sideburns.

I saw Michael Kors with a strung out looking waif. He was in front of the Archive Building (666 Greenwich) trying to get a cab.

The sick part of this is that I recognized her daughter first, but sprinting across 9th avenue was Kate Winslet, holding the tot's hand. Hair in a pony, not a speck of makeup, couldn't have looked more normal. Had that frazzled "I can't believe we're late to school again!" look. She frankly looked more regular and less snobby than even most of the non-celebrities in that neighborhood, and there wasn't an SUV stroller in sight. It was beautiful.

I saw Julianne Moore about a half hour ago walking around the West Village with her little daughter. She was very petite and chic, wearing huge sunglasses, of course. It took me a while to recognize her because she just seemed like a normal person.

Friday 9 p.m. Bleecker & W. 11th Lucy Liu with a group of 7 others (looked like tourists) standing in line at Magnolia Bakery. She bought the group their cupcakes then suggested they eat them in cupcake park. We were headed there too & got to watch her eat. Exquisite skin, surprisingly not as skinny as you'd expect.

While waiting in line to see David Blaine at 63rd and 9th Avenue I saw Chris Rock with his two kids.

Went to the Cowgirl Hall of Fame Friday (5/5) around 2pm. Sat in almost the exact spot where on "Sex and the City" Carrie and Miranda ran into Aidan and Steve with their new girlfriends. Was enjoying the weather and food & drink when we spotted Helena Christiansen walking alone down the street. She seemed to be enjoying the weather, and though she's not on the catwalk as much anymore, I'm glad to say she is still very much a hottie in person.

Not a city sighting but yesterday, 5/7 around 4 pm saw Adam "MCA" Yauch with his wife at the Dia:Beacon in Beacon, NY. Man, is his hair white. He was wearing an adorable and very Beastie track jacket. He seemed really into the exhibits, but in a playful way (the Dia is very interactive and involves a lot of leaning over and walking into structures). He seemed friendly and smiled and made eye contact before we recognized him. We were gonna get a picture but the atmosphere was just so mellow, we didn't want to bother the guy.

Saw Patrick Dempsey yesterday (5/7) on West 11th near Bleeker. He was in a hot car with two not-so-hot guys. He caught us looking at him, but oh's not every day that you see a world-famous surgeon on your way to get cupcakes.

61 Street and Madison Avenue. Chocolate store. Susan Lucci, Driver waiting. Warm and friendly. Really tiny and thin. Spends about 300 smackers on chocolate. She then asks to use their hole in the wall bathroom. Miss Erica Kane uses it all right. after her bags of sugar are carried to her car and she is long gone. Her smell lingers in the bathroom for days. Maybe she should lay of the chocolate.

My boyfriend just saw Stephen Fry walking on 59th near 6th Ave. at 9:30 AM on Monday, 5/8. Fry was listening to his iPod—he had to pause and remove his earphones to return boyfriend's greeting. Shook his hand and was affable. We're wondering whether he's in town for anything in particular - engagement, film shoot, etc.

I saw Elizabeth Berkeley, aka Jessie Spano of Saved by the Bell, at the comic book store Forgotten Planet on 13th and 4th Avenue. Of all people, Jessie Spano at a comic book store. She was with some guy, probably boyfriend or husband, and it seemed like there were looking at superhero figurines. Totally random.

I saw Mr. Rebecca Romjin (Jerry O'Connell) riding a bike on Pier 51 on Saturday around 5:30. He was riding with a blonde woman who was not Rebecca Romijn (I knew because she wasn't tall enough).

Washed-up musician sighting at Astor Place at ten of seven on Sunday night. We had just turned, rejected, from the wine store that closed too early. My friend came face-to-face with Adam Duritz, who had chubby upper arms and the same haircut he has had since 1994 (at least), and was clad in a black concert t-shirt with green writing. My friend swears he was also wearing sweatpants. He was coming from Lafayette with two companions, a man and a woman. My friend nudged her boyfriend and me to point them out, and her boyfriend had no idea who Duritz was. She had to tell him that Duritz had dated Jennifer Aniston. "And Courtney Cox!" I exclaimed, rather too loud for comfort. "Oh," said the boyfriend, "that's the guy from Counting His Lucky Stars."

Lounging in Central Park's Sheep Meadows on Saturday and noticed Tom Cavanaugh sauntering with what was either a massive man-purse or a baby carrier wrapped around his torso. Seemed to be looking for someone and then moseyed over to a free-from danceoff. Buddy looked in shape and very much true to his Love Monkey/Ed form.

I tried to take Vincent D'Onofrio's parking spot on 10th St. between A and B on Friday night (5/5). Somehow he misunderstood when I asked, "Are you leaving?" because he first said yes and then realized he meant no (which sucked for me). He drives a mammoth black pick-up truck, the king cab sort, and his son (I'm guessing) was playing in the back. He seemed very nice and looked good—tall and very guy's guyish.

Jared and Shannon Leto on St. Marks Place tonight at 6:45 pm. Very gracious as always.

I was standing on the corner of Broadway and 50th in front of the Duane Reade, talking on the phone when I locked eyes with Kurt Russell, I smiled thinking he was some sort of old co worker of mine, he seemed oblivious, then I realize who it was and let me tell you is is one hot old man. Goldie Hawn should thank her lucky, botoxed stars.

Saw Hugh Grant walking down 23rd street between 7th and 8th with Brad Garrett. Quelle Geezer! They're filming something over there...he was wearing a beat up cable sweater and looked a bit gray, not the Hugh I remember from BJD. Time marches on, eh Hugh?

Sat in front of Paul Giamatti at Film Forum, for a B Noir double feature. I knew him as soon as I heard his unbelievably distinctive voice. He was with a friend I didn't recognize. Strangely, 20 minutes before that, I saw his American Splendor co-star Hope Davis walking up Sixth Ave, with a baby stroller, around 14th Street.

Paul Simon sneaking out the back door of the Lincoln Jazz Center at the Time Warner Bldg. (11:30PM)

I was walking towards Loews Lincoln Center around 7:30 and was passed by Kristin Chenoweth and a girlfriend, looked like they were rushing to a movie. Kristin is tiny and adorable, dressed down in jeans and a hoodie, hair in a high blond ponytail...very cute and bounces when she walks.

I almost ran into Dylan Baker while rushing eastward on 55th last Friday (at 9th Ave.) He looked pleased about something.

John Leguizamo (Shorty McShort) having a giggle with an equally proportioned lass on 18th btw. 5th and Broadway...

At 7:10pm on Monday May 8th spotted Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Elain from Seinfeld) standing outside the 49th Street entrance to the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center. About an hour later sat a few tables away from Angela Lansbury (Murder She Wrote) at Savoy Restaurant in Soho.

Time Warner Building, May 9th, 3pm, I saw Ivanka Trump in the bathroom on the third floor. She was washing her hands while a young mother was changing the cutest toddler on the table next to her... she looked horrified, didn't even smile back at the adorable baby who was looking at her and smiling and waving. She got out as fast as she could!

I saw Isaac Mizrahi having breakfast at Sant Ambroes on W.4th with another man. I see him a lot on the West Village, and he always looks like a recovering crack addict to me.

Drove past 2006 NCAA Final Four MVP Joakim Noah and a (comparatively smaller) blond woman walking hand-in-hand across Herald Square on Saturday around 6:45 pm ET.

Freddy Rodriguez walking in Central Park at 4:00...must be there for the premiere of Poseidon.

Mary Tyler Moore was having a bowl of Borscht today at Eat on the UES around 12:45p. In a crisp navy blazer and carrying that LV bag with the cherries. That voice is unmistakable.

Friday sightings in Central Park: while crossing the road in Central Park near the 72nd Street entrance, I was nearly run over by Tony Danza on his rollerblades. My god he was sweaty! Saw Kelly Ripa with her kids in a pedicab on the same road a short while later. She stared at me out of the corner of her eye while saying something to her kids - probably thought I was paparazzi. Honest, Kelly, I was only taking pictures of the wildlife in the Rambles!

Mr. T @ Carnegie Deli 7th Ave between 54 & 55. He was picking up take out....caused quite the commotion and loved every minute of it. He looked pretty good, although smaller than he once was. He obliged everyone (including me) who asked for pictures. Great fun.