Here is the evolution of celebrity idol worship: an 18-year-old Paul Walker fan was arrested last night in Los Angeles after stealing a piece of the deceased actor's Porsche and posting a photo on Instagram.

After searching a home in a northern L.A. suburb in Canyon County, the L.A.P.D. arrested Jameson Witty a week after he took a roof panel from the 2005 Porsche off a tow truck that was transporting the wreckage away from the crash site. TMZ has video of Witty running up to the bed of the tow truck and picking off the panel before sprinting away, which would almost be unbelievable if we weren't talking about TMZ.

If you were to click that TMZ link, you would notice that (in typical TMZ fashion), Witty and his accomplice — who has not yet been picked up — are called "scumbags." This doesn't seem to be exactly true. Witty, who calls Walker a "childhood idol," posted a note on Instagram late last night apologizing and explaining that he intended to use the piece of wreckage to make a memorial.

Kids, they do stupid things!