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Today in heartwarming internet upstart stories: meet Urbanista, an online shopping rolodex designed to help the well-heeled girlies of New York hunt down the best tailors, doctors, boutiques and whatnot, all compiled from the opinions of some 1,000 ladies who lunch. As the Urbanistas say, "a hip 20-something is totally going to trust her besties' advice over Google" when figuring out where to get her "Marc Jacobs shoes re-heeled." (And if you don't have MJ shoes, precious, we really don't know how you can even get out of your Portica canopy bed in the morning.)

Best of all, the Urbanista Rolodex is brought to you by girls who absolutely would know where to throw their money: enterprising Vanity Fair editorial assistants Jessica Flint and Cate Edwards — as in daughter of smiley would-be VP John Edwards. Daddy (and Graydon) must be so proud.

Urbanista Online
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