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In our first-ever Defamer Celebrity Service Announcement, an eagle-eyed operative offers some helpful advice to celebrities trying to avoid detection in public places:

June 22 at 3:00 PM: Was at Ralph's on 3rd and La Brea, checking myself out at the U-Scan lanes, when a woman with a bad blonde wig came up to the Manager's Desk to ask a question. I stared at her long enough (the wig was that bad and that obvious — think blonde mullet) to realize that [Lost's] Evangeline Lilly was hidden under it. I wanted to tell her that people stared at her more because of the blonde wig rather than if she came au naturale....

As a famous person on a hugely popular television program, Lilly is right be to concerned about being torn limb-from-limb by downmarket, swarming supermarket patrons while haggling over some just-expired coupons. (This is precisely the reason that savvy celebrities shop at Whole Foods, where doormen turn away all civilian customers trying to smuggle in cameras or autograph-ready headshots, allowing their VIP clientele an unmolested opportunity to fondle produce.) If one is truly committed to the preservation of privacy during unavoidable trips out in public, one should engage the services of one of the city's world-class make-up artists or cosmetic surgeons, not carelessly entrust their safety to a store-bought fright wig.