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The family of a teenage girl who claimed she had been drugged and raped at Nick Nolte's notorious Malibu home—an alleged mini Sin City that hosted days-long, drug-and-alcohol-fueled underage parties presided over by his son Brawley—has settled with the actor just days before their civil suit was supposed to go to trial:

The girl, now 18, was 15 at the time of a January 2003 party and, because of her age, was found to be a victim of statutory rape. [...]

A final status conference in the case was scheduled for Tuesday, but it was canceled after a settlement notice was filed in Santa Monica Superior Court last Thursday, according to a courtroom clerk.

The terms of the accord were not in court records.

Just because Nolte was not physically at the party where the crime took place, hosting matches of "Pin the IV on the Passed-Out Girl in the Tube Top" and handing out blow-and-poppers loot bags, that doesn't excuse his overly permissive behavior. Hopefully this regrettable event will serve as cautionary tale to any other hip, Hollywood fathers out there: If you're going to suffer from Accute Cool Dad Syndrome, best to have some residuals dough in the bank or at least some MOW money on the horizon to cover those pesky out-of-court settlements you may need to make in the future.