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Not sure how we missed this, but Donna Hanover — the former Ms. Rudy Giuliani, thrown over for the ex-NYC mayor's secretary and current wife — has chugged her womanly reclamation train to AOL. Hanover now serves her dark net master as "love & sex coach," dispensing video tidbits of startling simplicity. Is it OK to have sex with the ex? "It's up to the two of you!" chirps Hanover helpfully. So much for realizing that nonconsensual grudge-fuck rape fantasy. The New York Daily News imagines what Hanover might have advised her replacement in the Giuliani household: "if you respect marriage, probably the best thing to do is back off and go a different direction." The NYDN then crows "Too late for that!" in response to its own quotation misappropriation. Burn.

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