Blogger Josh Horowitz went to a screening of Miami Vice the other night and lived through the kind of experience that those of us who have an inexplicable hatred for certain elderly film critics can only dream of. Josh?

My eyes were now trained on an older gentleman sprawled out across a few seats. As near as I can tell he had been trying to crawl over one seat to get into the empty one behind me. In the middle of said stealth operation the man got BOTH OF HIS LEGS CAUGHT IN BETWEEN THE SEATS. There he was groaning and wheezing, struggling to free his legs as if his very life depended on it (I was there-it did). He was sprawled in such a way that he was clutching the back of my seat for support hence my necessary involvement in this emergency. It was then that I realized that the gentleman in this unfortunate predicament was Rex Reed.

It gives nothing away to tell you that Rex is eventually liberated from his cushiony prison, but do read on for the whole inspiring tale. Unfortunately, there's no word on whether or not Reed walked out with the seat.

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