Either Katrina Vanden Heuvel is fucking with Dan Rather or she's got a deep-seated personal desire to see him come to harm. Her advice for the disgraced former CBS anchor?

Here's a modest editorial idea for Rather. Now that you're back with a weekly news program on Mark Cuban's HDNet TV— and with the editorial freedom and mandate to do tough investigative reports, how about documenting the full story about the White House coverup of George W. Bush's military service?

Great idea, 'treen! Why not have Dan go back to the story that ruined his career and do it once more, especially considering that its target will never have to face the American electorate again! In the spirit of Ms. Vanden Heuvel, here are some equally appealing stories Dan could cover:

• Mark Cuban: Why Is He Such A Loudmouth Jackass?
• Folksy Country Expressions: Would You Rather Be Buttraped By a Bobcat Than Hear Another One?
• High-Definition Cable News: Does It Give You Ball Cancer?
• Sticking Your Dick in a Blender: An Investigative Report
• Where's Suri?

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