Say hello to Ben Goldhirsh, son of the founder of Inc. magazine. Ben inherited a large chunk of change from his pop with the intention that he do something entrepreneurial. Ben's come up with Good, a magazine for rich kids who've inherited large chunks of change and need help in figuring out how to give it away. (Suggestion: Start a magazine.) Ben and his crew (Al Gore's son is involved) of twelve, all under thirty, "are people who give a damn. We are not do-gooders. We are not soft. We are hungry." Which may be why the magazine will be sold in Whole Foods, among other outlets. But Ben appears to be right. Look at these guys:

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Have you ever seen a more earnest bunch of well-off do-gooders yearning to make a difference? You can see the focus on each one of their faces. Well, except for the dude in the t-shirt. We're guessing he's the tech guy.

Wealthy Son Aims to Build His Legacy [WSJ]