This is a bit longer a clip than we might usually take your time with, but the creep factor makes it worth a look. It's videographist "Boss Tweed's" mashup of legendary sexolutionary Helen Gurley Brown giving advice on how to have an affair, run over news clips and other ephemera relating to the love triangle between philanderin' Peter Cook, forsaken ex-model Christie Brinkley, and homewrecking youth Diana Bianchi. Dates from the time where you could say "affair" without necessarily meaning "extramarital," but you can nevertheless thrill to observations like "Even pretty little slips of girls love to be called fascinating and funny!" and "Admire her character — even if she doesn't have any!". Strangely, no mention of "twat."

Helen Gurley Brown's Teaches Us How to Have An Affair [Jossip]