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Despite the many advantages offered by the continuing progress of science, the pressures of the modern world can drain the spirit of even the most tech-savvy web user. So we sympathize with alopecian sample-wizard Moby, who has announced to his posse that he will be foregoing the pleasures of the Internet for the rest of the year, effective immediately. After the jump we present you with the e-mail from New York's most eligible bachelor. We sincerely hope that the whole thing works out for him: nothing less than the fate of albums based on clips of old blues singers slapped atop jungle beats depends on it.

> From: moby
> Date: Sep 15, 2006 5:31 AM
> Subject: might sound crazy, but...
> well, this might sound crazy.
> ok, most likely it will sound crazy.
> but it's something that i'm going to try...
> at present i receive between 200-400 emails a day.
> and i check on-line news around 15 times a day.
> so, for the rest of the year, i'm turning off my email and i'm not
> going
> to use the internet.
> yes, that sounds nuts, i know.
> if you want to get in touch with me you can call me or visit me or
> send me a letter.
> i'll make it easy:
> my phone: [redacted]
> my home: [redacted]
> so, write me or call me.
> oh, i don't have an answering machine. so if i'm not here you'll have
> to call back.
> who knows, this might be a disaster.
> or it might make me more sane.
> i promise to pick up the phone if i'm here.
> and if you visit i'll answer the door.
> eh, we'll see how it goes.
> it's only until january 1st, 2007, at which point i'll check my email
> and let you know what it's
> like not having email/internet/answering-machine/cell-phone.
> my email/internet will be off, not 'now', but 'in 2
> minutes').
> just think of me as your crazy friend who's trying an experiment.
> -moby
> p.s-really, you wanna come visit? i'll be here.