Ah, those anti-pedophile hunters. How can anyone criticize them without coming off as a perv-lover? Let's try.

Perverted Justice, a sting group that poses as kids in chat rooms to entice would-be pedophiles into incriminating sex chats, came under fire a while back for their aggressive tactics, which range from acceptable watch-dogging to entrapment. Now the group works with NBC Dateline to make the show "To Catch a Predator," a could-your-kids-be-next ratings-grabber that's buying PJ plenty of publicity. How will PJ capitalize on that?

By boycotting Google.

At the moment, PJ lists Google as the top of its "Corporate Sex Offender Registry," for not removing from its search database every pedophile website that PJ reported. Fair? No. Embarrassing publicity? Yes. If PJ incites a boycott with Dateline's backing, Google won't cave — that's not their way — so the little tiff could blow up in the next few weeks if PJ decides to go all out.

In the end, PJ will lose its battle as the publicity dies out (give it a month tops), so this will just be one fun fight to watch.

The Perversions of "Perverted-Justice" [10 Zen Monkeys]