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Brace yourselves, because here comes the sincere part. I've no idea what to say, actually. Let's be honest: I'm pretty choked up right now and I have no business writing this site if all I'm going to do is blubber at my keyboard. One of the worst things about working from home is that I'm all alone, and there's nobody around to smack me. Or pour me drinks.

I didn't prepare a speech! Let me take out my notes: This has been both the most exhilarating and weird experience of my life, and I wouldn't take back any of it. Thanks to Jesse Oxfeld for being by my side for a big chunk of it, to Lockhart Steele for always hearing what I'm saying, to Nick Denton for encouraging and financing my insolence, and to Choire Sicha for rescuing me from journalism school. (Oh my God, could you imagine me at Columbia? They would've made me wear a helmet!) Big thanks, also, to Chris Mohney and Alex Balk, who've had the unique misfortune of dealing with me these past few weeks. This bitch now rests in their calloused, capable hands. And, as one is wont to do in these situations, I tip my 40 to every single one of you who reads this godforsaken thing. This may be the most earnest thing I ever write, but there's no way in hell the site would work if you weren't there. You're wankers, but really important wankers. Even you, Robert Joseph at Earthlink, who has sent me consistent hatemail for two years straight. You, sir, have been impressive.

I guess that's it. I was going to make this final post one of atonement, writing amusing individual apologies to all the people who I've pissed off, but you know what? I'm not sorry. At all. It was fun!