The height of hipsterism is when hipsters make fun of hipsters, but in a really hipster way, and such is the idea behind The Burg, a web-based sitcom whose cast New York Observer interviewed.

Described as "like Rent, only instead of AIDS, some of them have trust funds," the show follows a group of 20-something Williamsburg hipsters. The actors are not too far removed from the characters they play - the costumes are pretty much what they wear everyday - and Kelli Giddish, who plays Courtney the aspiring actress, is herself an aspiring actress and appears on All My Children on old fashioned televisions. So fucking meta.

So what insight does Kelli have on the hood?

The thing about Williamsburg... is all the ugly people are trying to look pretty and all the pretty people are trying to look ugly."

So are you trying to look pretty or trying to look ugly?

She paused to let the observation sink in, then pulled a faded white satin nightshirt over her starlet-thin frame, belted it up tight with an oversized tan suede sash, topped it off with a white crocheted shawl and pronounced the new look "Granny Chic."

Got it, so she's pretty. But wait, wouldn't it be more hipster if ugly people start trying to look ugly because that's what pretty people do? What then? Our heads are exploding.

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