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This excited (though secondhand) report just landed in our inbox:

David Lynch RIGHT NOW is sitting on the corner of Hollywood and La Brea with a cow on a leash and a picture of Laura Dern that says For Your Consideration. He also has a sign that says "without cows there would be no cheese in the Inland Empire". This is one of those things that a person needs to see. I wish I wasn't chained to a desk.

Surely there are readers out there who can either chew through their shackled limbs and head on down to have a look, or who at least have chains long enough to reach a window, enabling them to either send in a cameraphone shot or a painstakingly detailed, first-person narration of the suitably surreal publicity stunt unfolding in Hollywood. You know where to find us.

UPDATE: You really never let us down. Yup, the scene pretty much looks exactly as Lynchian as previously described.