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For one reason only, one should be thankful for the cult of Tony Robbins: it attracts, and identifies, some of the weirdest people in Silicon Valley. Much the way that membership of the Church of Scientology tells you which Hollywood stars are nutjobs. Without Tony Robbins' fan base, Valleywag might never have come across Sandy Montenegro Littlefield, tech executive, angel investor, society queen — and one of the most extraordinary egowalls in the Bay Area. The newbie's guide, after the jump.

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Who on earth is Sandy Montenegro? She's a former executive at Siebel Systems, makers of sales management software, and close colleague of Tom Siebel the company's founder. Nowadays, she shows up on San Francisco society pages, and dabbles with angel investing.

Why is she in the news? Well, she isn't really. Valleywag was looking into the fellowship of Tony Robbins, the motivational speaker. His Valley following had to start somewhere. As best we can tell, the culprits are the organizers of TED, publicity-crazed billionaire Marc Benioff, and Sandy Montenegro.

So, from the pictures, looks like she made a bunch of money. Well, actually, the money is her husband's. Well, actually the money is her husband's father's. Hubby Jacques Littlefield collects tanks and other military vehicles. His father made money in uranium mining, which keeps Sandy in some style.

Have I seen her somewhere before? Quite possibly. She used to go to tech conferences in search of husband material, say the cynics. She'd arrive on her own and return on someone's private jet. She is absolutely gorgeous in person, but I don't think it took people too long to figure out she was a gold-digger. It isn't like she was shy about it, or anything. She always knew what she wanted.

The origin of Sandy Montenegro's name: presumably not a beach. She is from Guatemala, a Guatemalan beauty queen, in fact, and, according to one of the clippings on her personal website, she is a Latina who defies stereotype.

Why should anyone care? Oh, no reason, really. It's not as if she's evil. But Sandy Montenegro does have one of the truly great online egowalls.