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Time once more for commenter ultraviolence, marinating us all in the precious bodily fluids of the executed. So many choices, but we tried to do the most harm to those doing the same. Today's victims:

Executed: Verlaineverlaine
Crime: Downgrading Ian Spiegelman to the status of "anonymous tipster." Also, sheer idiocy.

Executed: raincoaster
Crime: Mind-blowing unfunniness, excessive "me-too" action.

Executed: Aidan O
Crime: Being totally wrong, on several points.

Executed: RobotsonCasiotones
Crime: Using the "I'm looking at you, X" joke twice in two days.

Disputants may consult the Gawker Comments FAQ, section 5. However, note also that this manner of death isn't really permanent. Banned commenters may return through invitations or through future general amnesties. Existing commenters should also feel free to nominate other commenters for future bannings; doing so will, of course, raise one's own potential banning profile.