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We're saddened by the recent spate of anorexia-related model deaths, so we're glad that the fashion industry is taking these tragedies seriously and initiating meaningful changes. We were especially heartened by the news, reported by Page Six today, that Anna Wintour is spearheading a symposium on proposed regulations for model size. This kind of symposium is the right step, according to one "model agency chief," because

"We would much rather come up with a way of self-policing ourselves than have regulations rammed down our throats."

"Having regulations forcibly inserted into our industry's collective stomach like some kind of invasive feeding tube is, frankly, not going to do anything but bloat the issue, " she continued. "We're looking forward to bringing up these problems at the symposium because, frankly, they're sickening. In fact, just thinking about the sad plight of underweight models makes me want to vomit up everything I've ever eaten. Also, I'm bulimic."

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