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  • Ron Burkle and Eli Broad getting more details about Tribune, LAT. [LAT
  • Viacom drops out of video venture meant to challenge YouTube. [AdAge]
  • Time deputy managing editor, presumably tired of dealing with the diva-like behavior of Ana Marie Cox, is in talks to join Fortune. [WWD]
  • The deadliest country for journalists in 2006? Iraq. Insert your own Papal designation of religion joke here. [Guardian]
  • LAT's Paris bureau chief jumps to the NYT, where she'll be working as a correspondent in Baghdad. Be careful, we hear it's kind of dangerous over there, and not just in the "getting felt up by Dexter Filkins" sense. [LAT]
  • NYT travel section partners with [AdAge]
  • WSJ: likes blogs. [MediaShift]
  • Nikola Tamindzic: gets around. [ETP]
  • [Photo via The Fall Guy]