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The era of You continues. With Saddam Hussein's cellphone execution video drawing international disgust and internal Iraqi damage control, the Iraqi prime minister moved yesterday to discover who captured and leaked said video. After the jump, more worldwide reaction and the first arrest of a possible video leaker.

The British, enemies of citizen journalism, seem to think such an investigation a good thing; an Indian politician claims the video is America's warning to its enemies worldwide; while American authorities themselves would only remark that they'd have "done things differently." Of those present for the hanging, a prosecutor denied reports that he blamed Iraq's national security advisor (also present) for the leaked video, saying instead he thought the culprits were two other unnamed government officials. Today, early reports say a prison guard was arrested for taking and distributing the video, which may be one of the more unfortunate cases of using your workplace as fodder for Internet postings. Anonymous blog forthcoming, book deal still possible.

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