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A new bit of citizen journalism related to Saddam Hussein's execution has appeared online. In this clip, Saddam's dead body is shown under a sheet on a gurney; the shroud is pulled back, revealing Saddam's broken neck and various (one assumes) related neck-face wounds. Apparently shot on the DL (and again with a cellphone camera), those involved in capturing the vid can be heard bickering fearfully about getting caught. "Hurry up you're going to get us into a catastrophe," says one to the cameraman. Little late for that, really. Incredibly, the video hasn't yet made it onto YouTube, at least as of this writing. That should be resolved by noonish or so, latest. At least for now, media sources reporting on the video are choosing the high road, identifying the online source of the video only as an "Iraqi news Web site." That coyness likely also won't last.

New video of Saddam's corpse on Internet [AP]