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We grant that bouncers, by definition, have to be a little bit douchey, if only because they voluntarily signed up for a job that involves making snap judgments about people based on their looks, kissing celebrity ass, etc. (Hmm, sounds a lot like our jobs! Maybe that's why Rob the Bouncer was such a success.) But as this interview with Marquee bouncer Wass Stevens shows, some bouncers are douchier than others:

REQUIRED GIRL/GUY RATIO: 70/30. It's always better to have more women in a room. But it's never better to have a glut of tacky, unattractive women. There are more women with heinous style in New York than men.

DOOR PHILOSOPHY: I'd rather the club be fierce and slow than packed and disgusting.

LARGEST BRIBE REJECTED: A car. Someone once offered me their Range Rover...a new one.

More Wass wisdom, including his philosophy on French people, after the jump.

AUTOMATIC DQ'S: Women with their t*ts hanging out, really short skirts, midriff exposed. I hate tasteful. Don't come up to my rope looking like a hooker trying to find a trick in my club.

AUTOMATIC ENTRIES: There is never a definite...ever. I've turned away friends, celebrities, investors.

CLOTHING DON'TS: Trucker hats are done. Anything with rhinestones and sequins, baseball hats and anything Ed Hardy is so done. Untucked dress shirts are a huge pet peeve.

WE'VE HEARD YOU HAVE A THING ABOUT FEET: Correct. There is nothing worse than a pair of busted feet on a woman. A woman who puts on a pair of strappy heels and doesn't have a proper pedicure...I can't let that in.

THE KIND OF A CROWD THAT MAKES GOOD FILLER: I love European tourists as a filler crowd. I don't have a problem with a well-dressed couple from Brussels. I don't have a problem with six well-dressed people from France. They add something to the room and Europeans are a lot of fun. They are not as concerned with posing. New Yorkers pose.

Bouncers, on the other hand, are totally pose-less, right?

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