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Marcia Cross, heavy with double child, has been ordered to bed rest by her doctor, but try explaining that to millions of rabid Desperate Housewives fans who could care less about healthy prenatal development if it gets in the way of tying up the "Kyle McLachlan's ex-wife is moving down the block and Bree still doesn't have any idea!" loose-ends Season 3 has presented for her anal-retentive homemaker character. For producers, there was only one solution—bringing the party to Cross:

At the end of this week, the "Housewives" production crew will take over the downstairs of Cross' west Los Angeles home for two days to shoot the last two episodes that she was planning to appear in this season, an ABC network spokesman said on Wednesday.

But with the actress now confined to her home, producers decided to bring the show to her, sending in crews to transform the lower level of her house into a stage set matching the interior of Bree's extremely tidy home.

"They are painting the walls, moving in props and furniture from the set," a source from the show told TV Guide magazine, which first reported the story. "They're basically making Marcia's house into Bree's."

There's no more welcome sight for an extremely pregnant woman who's just hoisted herself out of bed to answer her doorbell than the smiling faces of hundreds of Housewives cast and crew members, boom mics dangling and shouting, "SURPRISE!" moments before trampling their way into the foyer and demanding to know what bedrooms would make the most comfortable temporary hair and makeup trailers for Teri Hatcher and Eva Longoria. Let's just hope Cross has enough time to clear away her husband's amateur erotic photography clutter in time for the unions' arrivals.