Omg omg FASHION WEEK!!! Wait, you're not super excited? Yeah, us neither, though rest assured we'll be throwing on our best year-old H&M that sort of looks like three-year-old Marc Jacobs to "cover" this momentous event for you somehow. The shows really are New York's time to shine, though, and to prove it, they have a full slate of fashionista Q&As in this week's issue, just to get all our model-mocking engines running. It kind of blows us away how many of these people, when asked who they're voting for in '08, aren't ashamed to say "Oprah." But the most disturbing quote of all comes from the perfectly-formed mouth of model Jessica Stam, when asked who her fave real or fictional New Yorker is:

Patrick Bateman from the book American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis. "Don't just look at her ass, EAT IT.

Yum, yum.

Model Jessica Stam Prefers Psychos, Mac n Cheese [NYMag]