So that's Faran Krencil, is it? Huh. We'd kind of expected someone who spends her days blogging about whether Pucci is the new Burberry to be a little more . . . relaxed. Blunt-cut. Straightened, if you will. But Faran Krentcil is a curly girl, and always has been. Evidence? Well, that Duke tee isn't just some ironic affectation: Krentcil did attend the institution best-known for basketball and lacrosse rape scandals, and she was quite well known there for a SEX COLUMN, of all things, in the student newspaper. After the jump, we'll see— and hear — our Fashionista as she once was: young, idealistic, and ready to dole out advice to underclassmen about one night stand etiquette.

Unfortunately (for us), Krentcil was no Lusty Lady — her sexual recollections are usually filtered through a "friend's" eyes. But one thing's clear: her love of designer accessories isn't a recent development. In the aforementioned column about morning-after politesse, Krentcil writes:

Sure, sometimes we want one night to become more. But 'hello' isn't a marriage proposal. It's saying you're not embarrassed. It means you had a good time, and that we didn't look fat in our Furla thong.

Another Duke student begged to differ, however — going so far as to write a letter to the editor about Krentcil's column:

More disturbing than the use of a plural possessive in front of "Furla thong" is the fact that Furla doesn't make thongs. They make leather handbags and "accessories," which, a young man at its Soho store here in New York just told me, means "other cute stuff." If a young woman feels that she looks fat in her Furla thong, it is because she has mistaken her leather wallet or purse for underwear. If I endeavored to wear my wallet as a loincloth, I would probably be similarly dissatisfied. Krentcil is a talented writer in desperate need of a good fact checker.

The nitpicker in question? None other than colon-busting blogger book deal-closer Dana Vachon (which just goes to show . . . something. We're not sure, actually. That we should have gone to Duke?) Anyway, one hopes that Krenctil doesn't make any similar glaring fashion faux pas in her new position.

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