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Glaring Omissions reproduces tips received from readers in the last week that weren't covered on Gawker, either by accident (rarely) or design (almost always).

  • "IF you didst know and obviously you didn't. LARRY BIRKHEAD HAD A NOSE JOB HIS NOSE WAS HUGE!!! APPARENTLY YOU NEVER had seen his previous photos pre op?"
  • "The tabloid wars are heating up! Check out this week's OK! magazine (March 5, 2007, Issue 10), and the little yellow cover button on the right hand side which boasts: "50 [cents] less than Us Weekly!" Us Weekly's cover price is $3.49, and OK! is now selling at $2.99, a bump up from the $1.99 they were selling at to get some of Bauer Publishing's business (In Touch and Life & Style). With Us Weekly slumping in sales to around 850,000-950,000 a week, the super underdog OK! is looking to go for the jugular and take more of its newsstand sales." [Shill probability: 99.9%.]
  • "Dear Gawker, If you have been following Monsanto's proposed merger with Delta Pine, we thought the following would be of interest...." [Um, no.]
  • "hey, did you guys see this ridiculous picture of three brothers playing "championship" dodgeball together on the front of today's metro section? seriously, man—dodgeball may be dorky, but who said you had to wear such gay clothes doing it? and playing on grass? what's that about? bonehead"
  • "You've probably noticed the Girl Scouts' headquarters in Manhattan are getting some press lately for joining MySpace, after a century of selling cookies the old-fashioned way. In case you're not familiar, I've seen them in Advertising Age,, and the New York Times, and I found their new cookie site,, and myspace page, - which actually has some pretty ridiculous ads from the 70s, haaa..." [Shill probability: 90%.]
  • "Re: 2 short questions: events committee and p.r. committee?—What's the website for journalists? This is the list they put together last year: [redacted]"
  • "why has gawker not had anything to say about the diane von furstenberg barbie! if you have a dvf tag, it really must include the barbie version."
  • "There's a new show they're going to shoot soon for fox, it's like project runway with a hit of american idol and some jew stuff cause spielberg's involved. This is my film. is there an easy way to shamelessly ask for self promotion? yeah, i could show you my tits- tell me where and when. c'mon though, you get bored, right? give it a look and then have some black guy talk about how lame it is while you find a new way to masterbate to the sunday times"
  • "The "article" on Ash Wednesday is pure trash! Not cool to put down someone else's beliefs, especially since the freedoms we have are based on them!"
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