The New York Times listed in-house two openings for the Baghdad bureau yesterday, in expectation of the return of "many" reporters this spring, according to the posting from foreign editor Susan Chira. Back in April, 2006, the paper similarly advertised two openings in Baghdad; five applicants applied. (Think they'll get that many this time?) That summer, Paul von Zielbauer, Damien Cave and Marc Santora shipped off to Iraq; Zielbauer returned to the U.S. a few months later, while the other two remain. Reporters live together in a compound and work closely—so maybe Mary-Kate should bring Ashley! The listing follows.

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February 26, 2007 Baghdad Openings The Foreign Desk has two openings for the Baghdad rotation, because many of our veterans are leaving this spring. To find out about earlier job postings, click here.

Obviously, this is a dangerous, stressful assignment. It is also a seat at one of the great stories of our day, one that shows no signs of slackening.

Applicants must be experienced staff reporters, preferably those who have worked in dangerous assignments previously. They must be able to work on a team, since the Baghdad reporters must work closely together, collaborating on stories, sharing reporting when needed, and living together in a compound. We would like a commitment to spend one year in the rotation.