Oh, you "starving" "artists" living in your "East Williamsburg" "lofts"—if only you were a little more hard-core, you would understand what true hipster living is all about. Angel Hess is a 28-year-old dance photographer—dance photographer, WTF? But he also does weddings!—who bought a 1953 bread truck for $2,500 on eBay, and lives in it with his girlfriend in a parking lot at Bedford and N. 12th St.

They spent two months on N. 11th St., but alternate side regulations, graffiti artists and drunks who urinated on their tires drove them to move to a lot a block away.

The parking space costs $200 a month - a bargain compared with the $1,000 he was once asked to pay for a tiny room on Astor Place in the East Village.

Of course, the apartment had running water, a toilet and didn't turn into an icebox at night. "It was a pretty tough winter," Hess said.

Next year we'll probably get a story about a guy who lives in his bike in Bushwick, but for now, Hess wins the derby. Even though he has so few friends on THE MYSPACE! Help him out!

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