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The WOW Report gave today's NY Times piece (which we mentioned a little bit earlier) about recently "voluntarily resigned" First Look Studios CEO Henry Winterstern a once-over, and isn't necessarily buying that the combination of his great taste in expensive office furnishings and poor choice in movie projects was the reason for his hasty departure from the company, passing along this gossip about what might have gotten him ousted:

But we hear his removal might also have something to do with the three costly sexual harassment suits that have been brought against him (that we know of). Plus there was that screaming food fight he had with his wife in the commissary of the new CAA building that could have been caused by her finding out about his taking his girlfriend with him to the recent Sundance festival and then flying in a hooker from Vegas to join them. We're just saying. Maybe he should have made a movie about that.

While the hooker, mistress, sexual harassment, and food-fight elements certainly might broaden the appeal of a potential First Look project, setting it at Sundance and the CAA building (do they even have a commissary?) might make a movie adaptation a little too inside baseball to do decent box office, leaving Winterstern right where he is now: involved in a disastrous, money-losing project that still gets him fired. Maybe it really was time for both sides to mutually decide to move on and get a fresh start.