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There have been precious few developments in Angelina Jolie's ongoing attempts to smuggle newest acquisition Pax Thien out of Vietnam with a minimum of governmental meddling since Friday's installment of the AdoptionTracker, but today brings the happy news that her family's International Toy Shortage Relief Committee voted three-to-one to approve a resolution to leave behind their playthings for the unadopted children of Tam Binh orphanage , a decisive, pro-sharing victory that kept mother/chairman Jolie from having to cast an awkward tiebreaking vote that may have alienated the selfish faction who strenuously objected to giving up his favorite Tonka dumptruck. Reuters further reports that Jolie has arrived in Hanoi to obtain a visa for young Pax from the U.S. Embassy, but not before she fell victim to a devilish urchin at the Ho Chi Minh City airport who tricked her into overpaying for the "magic" umbrella pictured above, whose mystical, paparazzi-deflecting properties were vastly exaggerated by the greedy imp.

[Photo: AP]