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Quite a week for purging. Apart from the real-time executions of soldierboyadam and Simba Marimba (guess what they had in common?), we've got a slate of condemned commenters on their way to the gallows as we speak. Tie a napkin around your neck and see if you're about to have your last meal.

Executed: Mark Duffy
Crime: Not exactly leading by example vis a vis funniness.

Executed: marcassha
Crime: Short attention span.

Executed: eastcoastcommenter
Crime: Ditto.

Executed: thatgirl
Crime: Speaking truth to power.

Executed: Alex Blagg
Crime: Racism. Also Blakeleyism.

Disputants may consult the Gawker Comments FAQ, section 5. However, note also that this manner of death isn't really permanent. Banned commenters may return through invitations or through future general amnesties. Existing commenters should also feel free to nominate other commenters for future bannings; doing so will, of course, raise one's own potential banning profile.