What is going on over at the Times? Rush & Molloy bring word of a recent gir-scuffle on the Styles desk between fashion gal Anita LeClerc and her boss, deputy editor Mary Ann Giordano. The altercation was apparently about turf issues—vague! We'd like to know more, please—and was initially restricted to harsh words. However, when Giordano attempted to defuse the situation,

"[LeClerc] shoved Mary Ann and pushed her, and Mary Ann said, 'Don't you touch me! Don't you touch me!'" says a source. "Mary Ann grabbed her wrists to try to stop her, and [LeClerc] just started flailing."

Styles supremo Trip Gabriel had to break the whole thing up.

Much as we'd like to mock the situation, these kinds of workplace incidents are not uncommon in the media industry, particularly when it comes to issues of who covers what. Why, just yesterday we posted an item on Anna Nicole Smith and were immediately and repeatedly struck about the body with a power cord by Emily, who kept shouting, "You little bitch, Anna is mine!" until Choire pulled her off. Josh was cowering. We've still got bruises, and Emily is working from home indefinitely. Still, it was probably a lot sexier over at 43rd Street: Those gals have midtown pedicures and they're not afraid to use them.

Violent clash of Styles disrupts The Times [R&M]