Because she is SCREAMING ABOUT IT on her cellular telephone in our office for no apparent reason. Why? Who let her in here? That is all. Anyway best of luck to our favorite Men's Health editor with his future romances. Oh wait—now apparently she is getting a parking ticket? From a lady cop. Ha! She's not going to sweet-talk her way out of that one.

Omg WAIT: How Gawker Got It Wrong: Julia now says that a friend was the one sitting on our couch ranting about how she had "just gotten [her] heart broken," and because Julia is many things but not really much of a liar (unless she's trying to get out of a parking ticket), we're taking her at her word. That breakup rumor was worth sharing with readers, but ONLY with the caution that our information was still fragmentary, not definitive. We should not have made a flat predictive assertion about what Zinczenko had done. Good to know: Dave Zinczenko, still dating Julia Allison!