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FROM MEGAN MCCARTHY TO NICK DENTON — Topic #1 among the many journalists at Business 2.0's drinks party last night: the story of how Waggener Edstrom, Microsoft's PR agency, played Wired's Fred Vogelstein. Josh Quittner, quoting Business 2.0 deputy editor Adam Horowitz, said that seeing the memo was "like the first time a man reads Cosmopolitan." It exposed, shockingly, the world on the other side. And Vogelstein himself was there! We talked about this week's news and what it was like to be in the story, instead of the storyteller. "You always want to know what people are saying about you," Fred told me. "And you're always sorry when you find out." Well, to be more exact, he actually said: "You always want to know what people are saying about you... pause... pause... pause... pause... pause... pause..." As we were chatting, I realized what a *fantastic* job Waggener Edstrom did in their dossier, classifying his mannerisms and idiosyncrasies. "It takes him a bit to get his point across so try to be patient." So harsh. But so accurate. In the party pictures, by Lane Hartwell of Josh Quittner and Owen Thomas of Business 2.0; Craig Newmark, recently seen on NBC's Identity game show; and Mark Rolston of Frog Design; and more: GALLERY