Glaring Omissions reproduces tips received from readers in the last week that weren't covered on Gawker, either by accident (it happens!) or by design (it happens more often).

  • "WHERE THE FUCK IS THE TACO TRUCK—The "Tacos de Idolo" truck, arguably the best tacos in the city, usually parked on the northeast corner of 14th and 8th late night every night, has gone missing for over a week. Have you been alerted to this crisis and do you have any information? I'm so hungry—$2 veggie tacos are all I can stomach on my "commute" home to West Bushwick after work."
  • "In Hardcore—I founnd this old film of Barbra Streisand and looked on the internet to see what was said about it and it seems like a lot of bull shi.... in both directions, so I found your web sight and hoped you could clear this up for me. Here's a picture of the carton and the film. Any information would be helpful. Thanks in advance for your help."
  • "Come on now.You must be on bored ass!!! Who give's a flying fuck about some guy's fucken nose!!! Good Lord Man!! Ur ignorant bigtime."
  • "You are all a bunch of ignorant losers. Sort your lives out. ....reporting live from the center of the universe???.......get fucked"
  • "Do you guys care about TRACE magazine? It's been around for 10 years, started in the UK with Graham as the art director. (He wen t to the Face and now at Giant) They have a book out now 10 years of TRACE. They have a tv station in Africa and Europe and an ad agency TRUE in LA that does all the NIssan ads. Anyway, TRACE and Claude Grunitzky are notorious for not paying photographers, meanwhile he lives in a 1.8 million dollar place and is always traveling to Rio. So.. at the beginning of January the entire staff walked out after not being paid. They came back for a while after receiving their checks on the 15th of the month. Then in Febuary they lost the office space in Soho so the entire staff has been working from home. In March half the staff quit. The publisher, executive editor, art director and the Ad director quit. Do you guys care about Trace magazine?"
  • "I noticed today that Gawker is advertising the new Henry Rollins show on IFC which aspires to "shake the foundation of late night." Um...yeah. In the interest of giving you fodder to rank on your advertisers, I met Henry Rollins in 1996. I was a freshman at Barnard college in New York City. A few friends of mine went to NYU and lived on St. Marks. They kept telling me and my boyfriend that Henry Rollins lived in the apartment directly across the hall. Of course, I thought they were bullshitting us. However, late that
    night while playing something innocuous on the radio (U2 perhaps? It was 1996, and at the age of 18, U2 seemed terribly cool. What can I say...), we hear a banging on the door. Expecting friends, I ran to open it, but instead of other college kids, there stands an old, lame looking Henry Rollins. He said something like, "Kids, I bought Joshua Tree when it came out, but it's 2 in the morning and some of us have to work tomorrow. I'm tired of having to come over here and tell you to keep it down. Can you please have some
    respect for your neighbors?" He then scanned the room, looking at the bottles of beer and the bong, rolled his eyes and went back to bed. Yep. Quite the badass that Henry Rollins. He listens to Joshua Tree and tells the young kids to keep it down. He reminds me a lot of my Republican, corporate executive dad. Who is also very unlikely to "shake the foundation" of anything."
  • "john lennon in central park eating chocolate cake in a bag . killed by stalker. princess diana seen getting into a car in france. killed by stalker gawkers. saw your interview last night with Kimmel do you honestly believe people dont get hurt? These 2 beautiful people doing wonderful things in this world killed, your website could cause more, really think about it."
  • "CBS Radio,
    It was with outrage that I heard of your decision to cancel Don Imus from your airways this afternoon. My anger then gave way to sadness, not because of the individuals involved, but because you, CBS, are a symptom of the downfall of America. Not in our lifetimes, or maybe that of our children, but certainly in the future the world will wonder what happened to the world power that was the United States of America. And while CBS, the media and corporate America had a hand in our downfall it ultimately was the fault of all of us that let the greatest country on earth become an afterthought because of our collective lack of guts and moral backbone to stand up for what is right."
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