Last week we shocked ourselves—and others—by actually enjoying Keach Hagey's Village Voice Press Clips column. Would this bonhomie survive another week? You can probably guess, but you might as well click through anyway for the full report.

"Why can't anybody shed just one tear for things that don't happen," Lou Reed plaintively wondered on Growing Up In Public. They aren't exactly tears, but Keach Hagey sheds 576 words (slight uptick from last week!) about the non-filling in for Don Imus that former Boston Globe columnist Mike Barnicle didn't not do. It's mainly a recap of Barnicle's career studded with outrage over the fact that CBS almost used him to replace the disgraced DJ but in the end did not. Howell Raines is also mentioned. It's deep on history but short on anything you really need to know. Our only hope is that it somehow indicates that the Imus story is so played out that people are reaching for the dregs and soon we'll stop hearing about it. (Okay, maybe not.)

Rating: Keach, help us out! Choire says we can end this harassing feature as soon as you write three decent columns in a row. We were so sure we were almost there! Please, we don't like this any more than you do! How about next week you look at the career of Sam Sifton? The rise from the then-relevant-if-still-annoying New York Press to Talk to the big chair in culture at the Times? How'd it happen? Or like something about Maer Roshan. Or Arianna. Yes! Silicon Alley! Do that! Or something glossy! New policies in cover-testing at Conde Nast! You know, the kind of stuff fags enjoy. Please, just let us put this thing out of our misery. Thanks!

Another Imus in the Mourning? [VV]
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