Is there a Lifetime Achievement Award for Animal Sex Coverage? The Times is totally going to win it. Last two weeks, we've had horse sex, duck dicks and now frogs doing it. The latest, coyly titled "Frogs Go Bump in the Night," comes courtesy Ann Raver, who's clearly spent too much time in the Garden. Raver is taken into the froggy slutfest by Mr. Noonan, an "amateur naturalist," (he goes nude but not for money?) and his friend Norman Barker, a medical photographer.

Mr. Noonan said in a low voice, "Hey, come look at this." The glare of his flashlight showed a male frog locked onto the back of a female twice his size. "They're in amplexus," Mr. Barker said, using the polite biological term, and the Latin word, for embrace. Some embrace. It's more like a lock hold. The male atop the female grasps her with his forelegs and hangs on for dear life as he fertilizes the eggs she releases into the water, all the while fending off other males trying to depose him.

Oh we get it. They're further blurring the line between the Styles and H&G sections, because that sounds suspiciously similar to any Boite column. —Josh

Frogs Go Bump In the Night