Searching for a handy way to tell whether or not you're an asshole? See which of the Babble commenters' reactions to this picture of Maggie Gyllenhaal providing her infant with nourishment you agree with!

  • A."Of course, in Hollywood, "hanging your boob out of your clothing for all to see" is just fine, as long as there is no baby to feed. You see more boob at the Oscars than when most mothers breastfeed."
  • B."I think breastfeeding in public is just fine as long as it is done modestly. Just hanging your boob out of your clothing for all to see is a bit tacky. Isn't that why they make such cute covers now so moms can nurse in public stylishly?"

If your answer is B, then congrats, you are a big jerk and also the worst kind of tool of capitalism. Of course, for the scant few of you who are looking at this as less of a femiladyist issue and more of a picture of a movie star's tit, here is a fetish site for you, now please go there and leave us alone. I am mostly just talking to the person who is always emailing us about posting rackier pix of the 'Toos.

Maggie Gyllenhaal Nurses In Public [Babble]

Image via Celebrity Baby Blog