The blues, money, street couture: The things rich whites steal from the poor is an ever-growing litany of appropriation. Add housing arrangements to the list. Being crammed into a small apartment, violating fire codes, and creating privacy with hanging towels isn't just for the underclass anymore! Who will weep for the Wesleyan graduate camping out in her Outward Bound office? Or the NYU junior sleeping in her daddy's empty office space? Step forward, New York Times.

Like the legions of aspiring poets, tap dancers and musicians who came before her, Nina Rubin, a 29-year-old graduate of Wesleyan University, has struggled to find halfway decent housing in New York. Earlier this year, she ended up in her most unusual home yet: an office.....As the apartment-hunting season begins, fueled by college graduates and other new arrivals, real estate brokers say radical solutions among young, well-educated newcomers to the city are becoming more common.

As the specter of tap-dancing couplet-reciting well-educated mujahideen approaches, the cycle of privilege, despair and radicalization continues. It's enough to make you apply to grad school.—Josh

New York Renters Cope With Squeeze [NYT]