June's Vanity Fair features a photo portfolio about a burgeoning trend you may have heard about: yoga! Saggy-faced gurus are pictured alongside American acolytes such as yoga trendpiece usual suspect Christy Turlington ("Her commitment to an active life on the mat continues to inspire those of us still wildly in thrall to ... her perfect yoga butt.") Also pictured are yoga poster couple Colleen Saidman and Rodney Yee. Here's how the magazine describes their yogic union.

When Yee, dubbed the "stud-muffin guru" by Time magazine, hooked up with Saidman and both of them left their spouses of more than 20 years, he took a drubbing in the press for crossing the teacher-student line. Now, several years later, however, with both their careers thriving, the two seem to have achieved a blissful degree of balance, even serenity.

Aw, cute! But that's not, of course, the whole story. As we realized after the last time we wrote about the Saidman-Yee marriage, Colleen is far from the first student who Rodney had an affair with: in fact, he was sued by one in 2002. "The reality is that most teachers fall in love with their students, but sex is such a small part of it," he said then. But who knows? Perhaps he feels differently now. People can change, after all!

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