When Bono is through chillaxing with The Edge and saving Africa, all he wants is to spend some quality time with his family in their San Remo penthouse. But according to the Times, ex-rocker and fellow San Remo resident Billy Squier's chimney is blowing smoke into Bono's pad, giving the singer no small amount of strife and his asthmatic daughter no small amount of attacks. Can't a man enjoy a pine-scented evening spent rehashing his astounding fall from fame in the privacy of his own home? But isn't also true that for $14.5 million, Bono's daughter should be able to live a long and at least sort of healthy life? There's only one way to decide. To the tape!

First up is U2's epic video for the 1988 song "All I Want is You." The song tells the story of true love and features a dwarf who may or may not be dead. Remember, this is U2 at the top of their game.

Next up at the plate is Billy Squier with his video for "Rock Me Tonite," a video that some say that ruined his career.

Right. Much as we thought. Clearly the San Remo has to go.

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