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It doesn't matter that Podtech is spending a fortune on web video talent, so-called, because the podcasting media group has so much buzz: John Furrier's venture can surely raise enough money from sheep-like venture capitalists to power through any losses. No? No. At the 'Bloghouse' sponsored by the video content company at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, the company's heyday, chief exec Furrier boasted the venture was raising a gigantic round of up to $30m. What happened?Word is the financing was pushed back to February, then April, and now the bearded founded maintains a discreet silence. So, is the podcasting pioneer, which has survived on the $5m it raised a year ago, in as much trouble as its peers in internet broadcasting? For the moment, Podtech is selling advertorials to boring tech companies which haven't counted the miniscule audiences even for Podtech stars such as Robert Scoble. But, before they do, Podtech had better hurry up and find some particularly dumb venture capital firms. [Photo, from the happier days of Bloghouse, by Eddie Kodel of John Furrier and Robert Scoble, with Irina Slutsky].