We were having a discussion with a friend the other day about "the new gays." We already know that Asians are the new Jews, but now that the gays are mainstream, who will take their place as a furtive, closeted group who somehow elevates culture while remaining apart from it? We couldn't come up with an appropriate analog (the closest we got was "the autistic"), which forced us to consider that maybe our thesis was wrong. Maybe the gays hadn't yet been fully assimilated enough to be replaced. And then we got this press release and learned about William Sledd, who is apparently the queen of viral video.

As part of Bravo's ongoing effort to deliver original content from the buzziest personalities on the web, the network announced OUTzoneTV.com's June 21st launch date of the popular "Ask A Gay Man" webisode series hosted by Internet sensation and Gap manager William Sledd, a 23-year-old Paducah, Kentucky native. Timed to coincide with Gay Pride, the first webisode entitled "Ask a Gay Man: The Wedding/Commitment Cake Edition" features Sledd and his BFF Stephanie, "the best wedding planner in western Kentucky," demonstrating how to make a pink-on-pink-on-pink cake, perfect for gay/straight/bi betrothal ceremonies.

Well, gays, you've had a good run, but it is now officially over. You can pick your leather thongs up at the door on your way out.

Show Your Pride [YouTube]
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