A couple weeks ago, we compiled a list of the most expensive private schools in New York. But with summer fast approaching, we asked Intern Sheila to check into how much it costs to send the little darlings away for the summer. Of course, the really rich, and the WASPS, just take the kids to Nantucket or the Hamptons for the summer, and just drop them off at the club or whatever. But we checked in with someone close to us who knows about these things, and she reassures us that these places are where "all the JAPS" go to camp. And, you know, some other rich kids. Well! At nearly ten grand for 7 or 8 weeks, we hope that the bunks at least come with Frette linens, you know? Anyway, please help us fill in the blanks!

In descending order of expensiveness:

Camp Laurel

Co-ed; Readfield, ME

$10,000 for 7 weeks


Boys only; Naples, ME

$9,500 for 9 weeks; $5,200 for 4 weeks

Camp Vega

Girls only; Fayette, ME

$9,500 for 8 weeks


Boys only; Naples, ME

$9,200 for 8 weeks

Timber Lake Camp

Co-ed; Shandaken, NY

$9,050 for 8 weeks

Camp Androscoggin

Boys only; Wayne, ME

$8,950 for 8 weeks


Boys only; Casco, ME

$8,900 for 8 weeks

Camp Matoaka

Girls only; Smithfield, ME

$8,700 for 8 weeks

Indian Acres (for boys)/Forest Acres (for girls)

Fryeburg, ME

$8,500 for 7 weeks; $5,600 for 4 weeks

Camp Winaukee

Boys only; Moultonboro, NH

$8,900 for 8 weeks

Camp Manitou

Boys only; Oakland, ME

$8,650 for 8 weeks; $5,250 for 4 weeks


Girls only; Harrison, ME

Intern Sheila says: "They would not tell me this information over the phone, only if I wanted to be sent an informational brochure. According to the website, 'Interested families are encouraged to visit (by appointment) or to contact the camp by phone in order to arrange for a personal interview.'"


Boys only; Bridgton, ME

Intern Sheila says: "I called three times. They won't give me tuition information until I submit to an interview with the camp director (and only the camp director) about my son. Tuition does depend on age here, although they act like they don't know what you're talking about when you mention tuition."

Tripp Lake Camp

Girls only; Poland, ME

Intern Sheila says: "I called them twice. They were supposed to call me back with the fee and never did."