Betraying a fundamental misunderstanding of how relationships work between men and women, lawyer and "solo practitioner" Roy Den Hollander is suing a number of New York clubs claiming their "ladies' night" policies are unconstitutional.


The attorney alleges that the clubs are violating the 14th Amendment's guarantee of equal protection under the law, and in addition to declaratory relief, he is seeking nominal damages and an injunction to halt the nightclubs' practice of admitting women at a lower price than men.

What Roy Den doesn't understand (and what thankfully the folks at Gemma do) is the concept of reverse osmosis. See, Roy Den, it turns out that going to a sweaty, packed club full of dudes like you is not a good way to meet a lady friend. Ladies Night policies serve as the semipermeable membrane that keeps the fly girls in and you out.

Among the defendants in the suit are notorious douchemeccas Copacabana Nightclub, China Club, A.E.R. Nightclub and Sol. But a cursory glance at Roy Den's Myspace page show he is no stranger to the steamy chambers of the Copacabana. Under his music preferences, Roy Den (divorced, Caucasian) lists "Salsa, thanks to a cute little Asian girl who asked me to dance at the Copacabana, but I had to say no because I couldn't dance Salsa at that time—not to imply that I can now." He also takes hip hop at the Broadway Dance Center and "reads too many books." In fact, far from being Ladies Nights' greatest enemy, he might be the most cogent and persuasive argument for their existence.

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