The Hawaiian Tropic Zone restaurant is apparently a safe place for women! Owner Dennis Riese tells the New Yorker that he likes the ladies, and in a good, gyno-positive Naomi Wolf way.

I'm such a feminist. I love women and believe in them.... We have a section that says 'simply grilled,' because women don't like to eat sauces the way men do. They're watching their weight more often. Also, see, it says 'sharing encouraged,' no extra charge. Well, women have smaller stomachs. And maybe two young single girls have a smaller pocketbook, and the idea of encouraging two girls to come in—nobody's going to put a spotlight on you, make you feel uncomfortable because you're sharing a dish, or that you want something just simply grilled. Women like sexy. Talk about empowerment and feminism!

You know, we do talk about empowerment and feminism a lot, but what do we really do about it? My Cock and I are heading up to Hawaiian Tropic for lunch today in solidarity with the sisterhood. And we are expensing the holy hell out of it.

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